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Visual Assignement: From Place to Place

In the photo example I took an image of my daughter and placed her under the sea. I did this because it reminded me of when she used to be inside my tummy swimming around. So I took an existing image of her and an image under the water and meshed them together. I used the three thirds rule and placed her on three thirds of the image to make the picture more appealing.

I also made her a bit transparent so that it would look like she is surrounded by water. I also added fishes in front of her so it could look like she is really swimming with the fishes.  I used this photo of her because I thought it  would blend her well with the fishes since she’s wearing pink. There’s a lot going on in the photo but you can tell she’s the focal point of the image.


alaina underwater

Ocean_park_wiki (1)

What’s in the bag?!

benchmade-710-pocket-knife m_51483c0420b85f7db0001b18527782_353867934663839_2008955453_n

My character keeps a pocket just in case she encounters any danger. After all she is very attractive and occasionally encounters inappropriate people.




She always carries a wallet. Cash, card, and ID. The is a necessity for her to go anywhere and be able to get anything if her ‘looks’ don’t work.



She keeps a pair of shades in case she forgets to put make up on for a day or if it’s sunny outside. She doesn’t really like to be noticed that’s why she wears it as often as he can during the day.

She always has water with her because she believes that’s one of the most important thing she needs in order to make it through the day. It keeps her hydrated and always alert.