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Life As An Animal (4 stars)

Rose King loves tea cup pigs! She fostered one when the tiny pig was abandoned by her mother. Rose took great care of them and takes pictures of them from time to time. She had a day off from her performance and took pictures of them. They start their day off eating icecream. These little piggies love ice cream because it’s made from pigs milk! They then run around in the back yard to work off all they just ate. Rose tries to keep them petite because it’s easy for them to become obese. After running off their fat they finger paint! Well that is apart of their typical day but today Rose let them play with paint. Next they take a walk along the river bank and then go back to playing in their little tea cup house.

At end of the day they go into the house and take a little nap. When they wake up they have a drink of beer to get them going for the day. Next their mother comes  to feed them! After that their little piggies play one last time before they go to bed.


But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

This is a video/image recording of Alaina my daugthter. What I did was meshed the video and images of her together. I started out with a video of her so it could look more appealing rather than just an image. Like the song, the video starts out with a recording then images of selfies. The rest are obvious selfie images of her. Originally the video was static. When I recorded the video of her in the car my hands were shaky obviously because the car was moving. So I edited the entire video to stop it from making it look shaky and instead shake the screen itself lol.

Live Turned Video

Rose King is trying to become a country star. She found her love for music while in rehab years ago. In the radio show you durirg Sara Sparkles interview, Rose pointed out that she used to be in rehab. She had a problem with drugs. Drugs turned her life upside down and kept her from seeing the light. It wasn’t until one day in rehab that they had an activity they had to do. Their activity was to find a hobby and make use of it. So she began messing around with lots f things. She started with knitting. She thought knitting would fix her problems and make her stop thinking about drugs but it didn’t. Next she started practicing how to play an instrument. Playing the guitar only took her mind off of drugs for a short while.

After several weeks she heard her favorite song on the radio and taught herself how to play it’s tune on the guitar. So she started singing along with the tune. Then after some more weeks she started playing and singing at every rehab meeting. People encouraged her to sing and play more! All the positive comments gave her an idea that she wanted to pursue her career as being a country singer.

When she got out of rehab she left home and headed to Tennessee. Nashville is where all the good country music are derived from. Later she got in contact with Sara Sparkle and they became a group together. They started performing together locally and eventually toured all over the U.S. together….


Rose King’s favorite hobby is to plant flowers. She enjoys it because she sees that life is forming. She’s trying to give back to the world as well. Her music and her moto is tell spread love and passionate emotion. She spreads love and emotion through her music.. Another way she spreads love is through planting! She loves watching it grow, knowing that she is creating a living thing.

Because there wasn’t enough time to plant a seed and watch it grow I found images online and made it into a video.  This video depicts the process in which a plant goes through in order to grow.

Before you can see it  bloom you must take the seed and put it in water to get it ready to be planted. Placing it in water will initiate it to start growing! Afterwards, You’re want to get it’s home ready.

In doing so, you’ll take a lot of dirt and where ever you want to plant it you’ll put the seed within the dirt.

After a few days it should start blooming. What you’ll want to do is trim it’s little branches so that it can stay nice and tidy.