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Tell A Joke!

“Knock Knock!”
“Who’s there?”

“Who Who?”


I decided to create a daily create asking the audience to tell a joke.  I feel that so often we are so busy with our lives that we lose fun in what we’re doing. We either over work ourselves and lose humor in what we used to find funny. I wanted this to be a daily create that when people pass by the site and read it, they’ll do it! Not only will they tell a joke but they may read others and  laugh. They may even get something out of what they read. I believe everyone has a joke to tell, whether they find it funny themselves or not, others may find it to put a smile on their face when they aren’t having such a funny day. A joke can be told by anyone, anywhere, and any which way they want to tell a joke. 


How do you say “Hello!”? Say “Hello” in your tone of voice or native language!

I thought this would be a great daily create. It’s short simple and can easily be created by anyone from all across the world. This daily create encourages others to express how they say “Hello! Here’s an audio of me saying “hello” in my native language. I wanted others to hear how I say “hello”. Not only do I speak English but I speak Vietnamese, as well. I have also taken a foreign language in school for Spanish. I have taken Spanish classes for about 5 years now. Spanish seems to just come and go for me because I have take it on and off. I’m able to saw a few things in Spanish and form basic sentences. I can actually write better Spanish than I do Vietnamese. Even though I can write better Spanish I can speak better Vietnamese.  I grew up speaking Vietnamese as a first language. As I progress through school, I started to lose that language a little bit. So I decided to make this daily create to remind me that I am always Vietnamese at heart.