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Radio Listen #2

On Thursday the 19th I listened to Dinner Party at 6. I chose to listen to them because I saw that they were a big group. I wasn’t entirely sure what their theme was going to be just by the name of the group so I wanted to be surprised. I sure was surprised listening to their radio show, it was really good and detailed. It resembled much of Clue and encompassed the meaning of Noir really well. There were some times that I got lost on who was who but they emphasized what was going on really well. They were into character, playing their part with a noir-istic style. As compared to my radio show that I did with the Noir Buzz group, it was far different. I didn’t expect a radio show to be like a “play” I thought a radio show was about listening to music and people talk about what’s going on with the world. This show really gave me a different view of a radio show which was great. It opened my mind to what a radio could be as well.

Radio Listen

The story in the radio was interesting and was relative to history seeing that women working back then was a problem. The sound they used gave affect towards their subject matter and emphasized their theme. Overlapping sound made the radio more interesting to listen to. The radio show flowed well. It didn’t seem so cut and dry. The show seemed very dramatic and lively. Overall the show was good to listen to, especially in a different aspect in how we created our own radio.