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Weekly Summary #13

Yay! It was my birthday today. I celebrated it with my husband and daughter. That was the highlight of my day. After I got back from church I went straight into finishing up the case. It took all day and them some. Since this case has been going on my skills in photoshop has gotten tons better. I really enjoyed the case we got. My group had some fun out of it. I think my favorite thing I got out of it were editing images lol.  It was kind of rough working with the agency and the character and going back and forth posting on different twitters and sites but my group was able to manage.


Assignment bank submit:








In this video I added all the photos we used during the case and made a video out of it. I wanted to show the timeline and how everything flowed. It was also to provide a way of summarizing our work through these images.




From Russia with Love Case

Progress Report: We’re on a lead

We Have Updates! Clues are connected!


Twitter feeds:







Status Update 16: We found the Groomster!

The day was getting darker. We got back to Virginia after we arrested Misha. So we gathered all our evidence and tried to connect the dots…

So here was what we came up with:

  • The mental case was Misha.
  • Groom corrupted the mafia’s plan and got Misha sent to jail
  • The cards signified that Groom was apart of the mafia and sent to jail
  • Balloons are the best place to hide something
  • Wings from the letter meant that something was in the air.
  • Joker card meant that misha was toying with us.

Finally, after hours of putting stuff together we went to UMW and ran to the roof top. and saw….



WE FOUND GROOM!! He was hidden in the air balloon above UMW!


We managed to get him down from a helicopter. He was found frail and weak so we rushed him to the hospital as soon as possible.


Status Update 15: Misha meets Sara

Before I went back to the dressing room I was in the restroom next door. I heard a voice coming from Sara’s dressing room that I wasn’t voice I was familiar with. So I went back to the dressing room and saw that it was Misha! He was wearing some kind of disguise and Sara Sparkle couldn’t tell.ht_stasi_disguise_ll_130904_16x9_992

I screamed, “Sara don’t!” and told her that he was trying to kill her and that drink had poison in it. So I rushed at him and attacked him from behind after I screamed at her! After I got him to the ground I got Sara to call the police and get them involved.


We were able to get Misha to spill the beans on what he’s been trying to do. He told us that art is key and wherever the key appears, we will find Groom.

Groom Handcuffed

Status Update 14: The Mental Case

Flash back from the day Rose was reading the newspaper. She came across the article of a mental case who got released from jail. Comes to find that Misha was the mental case that was released from ail. Even though he was released on good behavior he was still harmful towards the Groomster. The mafia kidnapped Groom because he ruined their plans for smuggling drugs.

Groom thought everything was fine but unfortunately when Misha got out of jail, he wanted pay back. Groom didn’t know so. So Misha starting working at ds106 radio to get closer to Groom.


This leads to figure out what the wing on the letter mean and the balloons.




Status Update 13: All the clues

We were able to gather up the clues to sit down and point out what was going on with what and why.

Sara noticed an important detail n the letter to Groom. There was a wing at the top of the letter that must signify something.

Then there was the valentine’s card with the noir cat as a joker.

We also had an image of Misha at the ds106 Radio conference.

In another image we had a clue of Misha, Groom, and their fellow mafia members having a meeting. We were able t uncover that the mafia turned against Groom aka the Groomster forputting Misha i jail. The private investigator was able to tell us that the mafia must have kidnapped Groom to help Misha…He saw that the people in this image.

corn-on-the-cob (1)

The private investigator noticed them at the casino in this image with the god father.


Now we’re out to find him…

Status Update 11:Made from Casino

We met with the investigator after being contacted by groom via twitter. So far we know that

  • Groom was apart of the mafia.
  • Misha is in on our case (but why?! we still aren’t sure why?!)
  • balloons mean something
  • we have to us art
  • noir is the place
  • comments will lead.

We show the private investigator the deck of cards found at Groom’s mother’s house. The private investigator took a look at it for a little while and saw that it was made in Barona Resort & Casino. It’s on Indian ground. They have great food at that casino….


I asked the private investigator,”That casino isn’t too far from here, do you think we should go now?!”

He says,” Not too fast…we want to work quick but we can’t go now..It’ll be too obvious. Misha just saw Sara at the concert the other day. We’ll have to lay low as if we aren’t working too hard at this case so that Misha won’t be on our trail.”

The detective mentioned that their must be something bigger that we’re missing here… Our next stop is to the casino..

Status Update 10: Where is Groom?

We have some fortunate news. Groom is still alive. Groom was able to get a hold of us via twitter the other day.

We have to get everyone to believe us otherwise finding Groom will have no hope!

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to tell us where he is because it’s too dark he says. We have to hurry before time runs out! We were on our way to meet the private investigator when Groom got a hold of us. There wasn’t much background noise where Groom was at but it sounded like he had helium in his voice…

Even though Groom is still alive out case seems to be running cold. So far we were able to figure out that he was in the mafia and that misha is hiding him and on  our track…We’ll just have to wait and see what our private investigator house found on his end now…

Status Update 9: The Groomster

Status update 9

By this time we’re back in Los Angeles, California..After finding the man in the background Sara and I head to Groom’s mother’s house to find more clues. As we approach the house we see his mother out gardening. We walk towards and she welcomes us in her home. While we’re in her home she offers us cookies and tea. The atmosphere in the house felt dry, lonely, and dark. It’s as if there hasn’t been much going on since Groom disappeared.

A few moments later after chatting about her garden we ask her a series of questions. The first thing we ask her is if she had seen groom. She replied with a sigh and a very content, “No”.

We then ask if she had any where abouts of his disappearance. She didn’t even know he disappeared. She thought he ran away from home….

She then asked us who would take him and why?!

We told her we aren’t sure ourselves and are trying to get to the bottom of it. She asked us,”Why do you care to look for him?”
Rose told her,”…..he holds the key to important information in ds106…and if we don’t find him there will no longer be a ds106.”

So she grabs Sara and my hand, looks us in the eye, and says,”….I need my son….d-s-1-0-6 for…… life…..and without Groom..there will be no life…”

She told us to follow her to his room. She says,” He used to play with his action figures in here….maybe here is where you can find more clues.”

I came across a deck of cards so I handed them to Sara to take a look at it. While going through them Sara saw that Misha’s name was on it. So we asked ourselves,”Why does Groom have a deck of cards?”


Sara remembered that a long time ago that her other ex-boyfriend was talking about a person that called himself the Groomster. ….What the heck is up with Sara and all these ex boyfriends of hers?!…

Anyways, she other ex-boyfriend was in a mafia called noir-gang. She said that she remembered him saying something like, “….no one wants to mess with the groomster…he owns all the territory.”

We were definitely on to something…. So we planned to meet up with the private investigator again the next morning at a public place to give him more detail so that he can help us further….

Status Update 8: The man in the background

Whoever this person is seems to be toying around. He says in order to find Groom we need to use art. But why is he on our tracks?! My guess is that we’re on a time limit. Either we find Groom first or this guy gets to us and groom is gone forever…..

My photographer sent me this disturbing image.

man in back ground

He was following Sara Sparkle this whole time….We can’t let him think that I’m looking for Groom otherwise he’ll be after me too…

So we left the concert and got back to our hotel safe and sound. So Sara and I started thinking…Where could groom be?! Why would anyone be after him? …

So the next day we planned to go to Groom’s mom’s house.. It was where he was last seen alive….

apparently he was living there…….

Status Update 7: The meeting

It was all just a blur that night. My head was spinning after the performance… I don’t know what it was. Must’ve been what I ate from that Noir cuisine restaurant..bilde

After I got done with the performance I met up with Sara Sparkle. We were able to break the encrypted message which told us that groom was safe. He’s only safe for now though. The clock continues to click and we’re running out of time… Luckily Misha doesn’t realize that I’m on the case looking for Groom. So as long as he doesn’t realize that i’m searching for Groom, there won’t be any set backs.

So the message says to find him we need to use ART…What does that mean anyways?…and noir is the place and comments will lead?

Recently my photographer showed me photographs he took while I was performing. I don’t think these balloons were for me I think they were for Sara. These balloons are definitely sending a message.ashley_tisdale_singing_hdtv-HD They were like the balloons found in this photo  of Groom. balloons

After we decrypted the message we left to go back to our hotel. When we got to the hotel my photographer sent me another image he took of us when we left the concert…And this picture was like no other…