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Panel Discussion Reflection: How It Has Evolved

In this discussion the group discussed how what we use today has evolved from the use of the internet. The group went into depth about dating sites. From this discussion I’ve learned the there are numerous amounts of different kinds of dating sites. The dating sites has taken off from a personal level to a more cyber interaction. Generally these dating sites are for people looking to find the right one. Now it has evolved into people looking for “the one they need” By that the discussion introduced different kinds of data sites, such as, farmers only, data sites based on race, etc, The group also showed a video of a comedian who talked about his involvement on a dating site and how different it is using a dating site than meeting on person. This panel went into great detail about dating sites which allowed the class to understand how the internet has affected how the common uses society uses has evolved.

Steal This Computer Book

Steal This Computer Book 4.0, 4th Edition By: Wallace Lang

Call Number
INTERNET  Browse shelf
Year 2006
Publisher No Starch Press,
Publication San Francisco : No Starch Press, c2006.
Online Online Access
Subject Internet.  Browse subjects

From University of Mary Washington Libraries


This book explores the wide realm of what hacking is all about. It goes into depth about how hackers came about, why they hack, and the dangers that lurk alongside hacker.  Phishing, fraud, and scamming will be highlighted in this book to allow users to foresee any threats in the future. The second half of the book explains how hacking takes on a new role in recent years.  It’ll discuss how hackers are being used by business to promote products by displaying ads and tapping into search engines. The end result of the book examines how the user will be able to protect themselves from threats and scams.