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Lawrence Lessig: Laws that choke creativity

The video on Lawrence Lessig: Laws that choke creativity covers ours discussion we’re discussing this week in the Internet Course.

I found it interesting that this video invoked a lot of opinion that are similar to what people think about technology today. The opinion and conflict that society has today is how technology may be diminishing the human society. He brought up the “talking machine” and suggested that the original voice of music sung by people will change. There will become no originality to it due to these “talking machines”. He then spoke about how because of airplanes that flew over head, these chickens would run into walls trying to follow the airplanes. It gives sense that technology not only has affect on people but affect on the world as a whole. The Jesus video was rather hilarious. He refers to the digital technology is how generations now use it to express themselves.  He really shows how creativity can be brought up by anyone, it does not take a professional to do the things that long ago, amateurs weren’t able to do. He also suggest that digital technology now requires some form of technology and that copyright conflict from the law and use of it is a gray subject.