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Save Noddy!


The story behind this is that noddy went to heaven lol. After he was left and found in the dumpster he went to heaven. He was an innocent soul. I edited this image and placed noddy at the top with shiny lights behind him to indicate that he’s there! I used the image of the stairs as a way to draw the viewers eyes towards noddy. I also had him placed around clouds because I thought it would be a good way to have him as the focal point.

Talk to a stranger

I wrote a story of my talk with a stranger, You can find it here. I decided to share this story not only because it was the only time I’ve encountered a stranger recently but to show you that strangers don’t have to be so scary. Everyone is approachable. You won’t ever know unless you try to approach someone. This world has become quite a non social place in real life. Conversations aren’t always easy to have. For some reason it’s so easy to talk over the internet with a strange but not a person. Why must that be now a days?



These white cars are so bright. I hate them! They make my eyes hurt because of there brightness. I was on the road to jersey when I took this video. We encountered so many white cars during the day that it made my eyes hurt by time I got home. I chose to record this scene because the use of the fence and the direction of the lines were pointed towards the car. It was also a good angle while we were driving.


Dream Staircase

This is my dream staircase. What I did was create stairs through the simple software of paint. I started from black going to white through shades of gray. The color white derives from mixing all the colors together. I wanted to emphasize that after I got “everything” I would be at my fullest potential. I will have ended up at “settle and retire happy”. Right now I am only at the beginning….


Create A lesson

I create this lesson on how to give a hug. Why does anyone want to learn about how to give a hug? Simple. In today’s society there are so many people fighting on silly little things. Sometimes the best solution to an argument is just to hug it out. Don’t be disgusted with each other. Learn to love each other and get over problems. Look each other in the eyes with open arms and wrap each others arms around each other.