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Panel Discussion Reflection: Digital Identity

In this discussion the panellist discussed what defined digital identity. They presented a wide array of information to the class. The information ranged anywhere from having one’s identity linked to their social security to how a person is perceived on the internet. We discussed an interesting topic about how an internet user could be perceived differently depending on what they’re using the internet for An example given was that a gamer would have such an identity that other gamers could only distinguish them by their username. In turn, this same thought is used to consider how people are perceived as bloggers, facebook users, and any other media they may use. This discussion led me to think if a person with so many personalities could have some personality disorder in a sense. That is a whole discussion in it of it self. Another topic presented during the discussion was that if all users were known to have one digital identity linked to them would it  undermine the whole idea of “privacy on the web”? The discussion was well presented and thorough. It presented a vast amount of information that also lead the class to have an in depth thought about having a digital identity.