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Step 1: Pick a movie poster with an animal on itmpafindingnemo2

Step 2: Pick an image editing software that allows you to rotate, move, blur, and mesh images.

Step 3: Select an area on the animal you want to appear moving .(i.e. like a fin on a shark or a tale on a dog wagging.)1

Step 4: cut it out of place and rotate it horizontally2

Step 5: Place it where you want it to appear moving.

Step 6: Color in the white space to make it appear as if the image was unedited


Step 7: Save the image as a second image.(Don’t overwrite the original image)

Step 8: Upload the finished image and the original image.

Step 8: Select the option for it to run infinitely then create a gif or movie4

Now you have create an animated poster!

Click on the image!


My blog about why I did it: