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Step 1: Pick an image that includes an object in a place. ( The objects I’ll be using are the people)


Step 2: Pick a place you want your object to be in.


Step 3: Pick an item you want to include with the object.woodworking-plans-for-a-poker-table-5

Now let’s begin t he image editing!
Step 4: Using the free select tool. Select the object.( I select the people in the image). Then cut them out.1 2
Step 5: insert them into the image of the place you want your object to be in.3 Step 6: Adjust the perspective so it can appear natural to the image of the place.4 5
Step 7: Using the free select too select the item you want to be in the image. Then cut it out.6 7
Step 8: Add it to the image and adjust the perspective so it an appear natural in the image.8
Step 9: Copy the original image of the object and paste it over the item so it can appear natural if there are any overlapping.( In my image the poker table was overlapping the peoples hands so I pasted their hands over the poker table to make it appear as if they are sitting at a poker table. Then blur and adjust any parts you see unnatural in the image.


Step 10: (Optional) Change the color of the image.  (In the image I also added in someone else’s face as you can see the further right person nearest the camera used to be Groom but is now ‘THE GOD FATHER’.)


The blog I wrote about this image can be found here.