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Step 1: Pick an image that includes an object in a place. ( The objects I’ll be using are the people)


Step 2: Pick a place you want your object to be in.


Step 3: Pick an item you want to include with the object.woodworking-plans-for-a-poker-table-5

Now let’s begin t he image editing!
Step 4: Using the free select tool. Select the object.( I select the people in the image). Then cut them out.1 2
Step 5: insert them into the image of the place you want your object to be in.3 Step 6: Adjust the perspective so it can appear natural to the image of the place.4 5
Step 7: Using the free select too select the item you want to be in the image. Then cut it out.6 7
Step 8: Add it to the image and adjust the perspective so it an appear natural in the image.8
Step 9: Copy the original image of the object and paste it over the item so it can appear natural if there are any overlapping.( In my image the poker table was overlapping the peoples hands so I pasted their hands over the poker table to make it appear as if they are sitting at a poker table. Then blur and adjust any parts you see unnatural in the image.


Step 10: (Optional) Change the color of the image.  (In the image I also added in someone else’s face as you can see the further right person nearest the camera used to be Groom but is now ‘THE GOD FATHER’.)


The blog I wrote about this image can be found here.


Step 1: Pick a movie poster with an animal on itmpafindingnemo2

Step 2: Pick an image editing software that allows you to rotate, move, blur, and mesh images.

Step 3: Select an area on the animal you want to appear moving .(i.e. like a fin on a shark or a tale on a dog wagging.)1

Step 4: cut it out of place and rotate it horizontally2

Step 5: Place it where you want it to appear moving.

Step 6: Color in the white space to make it appear as if the image was unedited


Step 7: Save the image as a second image.(Don’t overwrite the original image)

Step 8: Upload the finished image and the original image.

Step 8: Select the option for it to run infinitely then create a gif or movie4

Now you have create an animated poster!

Click on the image!


My blog about why I did it:



Where are we now?

While editing images for my case, I thought it’d be a great idea to make this an assignment.

I took an existing images of these people.corn-on-the-cob (1)

And made it appear as if they are somewhere else doing something different.

australia392While doing so I also had to change the perspective of the image. As you can see in the second photo they are elongated. I did this so it would appear as if it’s going in the right direction of the room.

The next thing you’ll notice is that they’re playing poker. It really does look like they’re doing poker!

You’ll also see that one person in the original image looks different in the new one, The new person is the godfather…


Apps Galore

My character dossier would use these apps that I have here. She will always need a calculator to do huge number math problems when dealing with dealers. She will also need her bank app to check her balances. She also has a social folder which includes all her social apps that connect her to other people. She needs the torch in order to see at night when its dark out. The waze app helps her get to where she needs to go avoiding any accidents that can be an inconvenience.

Animated Movie Posters

4.5 stars

What I did was take the image and edited to make it look as if the shark is swimming! The tail should flip back and forth. I edited the image by flipping the tale and placing it on the other side. To replaced where the tale goes missing and smudged the image and made water streaks so that it looks natural. It took quite a bit of time thinking about what movie poster I could use to make it animate.

Click on the image!


What’s Inside You?!

Character Dossier: Rose King

These are what you’ll find inside my character dossier. Similar to other posts I’ve written about her,she contains the following mentioned. She is always hydrated and on top of her health. Sh s optimistic in the hopes that she can leave the life she lives now behind. She is always aware and alert because the place in which she stays are not safe, especially not for a lady. She has build up of lots of hate from the man she divorced long ago. He left her lonely, without money, and now she’s restarting her life over in the dangerous streets.










One Story / Four Icons


If you guessed that this image is about Batman then you guessed right! I believe batman is a great story with a noir style. The top right image is obviously a bat to indicate that it’s batman. The second image is an image of money. Batman has a ton of money. He has no super powers but a ton of money to make him a super hero. The bottom left image is an image of an earth. His philosophy is t get rid of all evil villains in the world. The last image is an image of a building. This is where batman lives. It’s quite ironic. For a hopeful man he lives in a dark place. It’s so that people won’t figure out where he lives..
benjamin button