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Panel Discussion Reflection: Creation and Consumption

This weeks panel discussed a wide range of topics that we all are familiar with and can relate to. It discussed commons things that the majority of the people who surf the web are aware about. A common occurrence in our society is the “seflie”. I’ve learned that the “selfie” has been created as some type of movement to “take a picture of oneself”. Although, taking a picture of oneself has gone on for many years and generations now, the idea of essentially taking a picture of yourself and the purpose behind taking a picture of yourself has changed. Another topic covered was about how the hashtag came about. In the discussion I learned that it came about to allow others to be able to categories certain topics so that things were easily referenced. This group covered topics that were very relevant to most of the students in the class, probably all the students, seeing that we do all use the internet. The group was very knowledgeable about the topics covered in what was created in the comings of the internet and how the things on the internet are being consumed.