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Status Update 1

Rose King:

It was gloomy odd day. Clouds were out and it was raining here in Tennessee. I was waiting at the airport for my departure to California to meet up with Sara Sparkle. When I got ready in the morning it seemed that if everything was to go wrong did go wrong. I’m telling you…. It has been an odd day. The plane ride was long and dreadful as always. On the airplane ride there I spoke with a lady I had sat next to.

The conversation was the usual, “Where are you from?”

“Where are you going?”
“what’s your family like?”

I guess like all new conversations.

What was so strange to me about what she told me was that she had a twin. They never knew each other..
Something like that just makes you wonder. Why would anybody abandon their kid. So it seems that for her situation at the time, she just couldn’t afford to take care of two babies so she gave one up….

The conversation lasted a whole 6 hours of the plane ride.

Now I’m here at the airport. I’m here meeting up with Sara Sparkle. You may have heard of her. She’s a famous dancer! Anyways, several moments ago as we got our luggage I saw a guy who looked like Groom. It was quick, the lighting wasn’t so well, it was dark, and the amount of people at the checkout was enormous. Much more people that usual. I’m telling you, it was an odd day….

Different Point Of View – Same Place

4 stars

This scene shows Sara Sparkle and Rose King catching up with each other. They haven’t seen each other in 5 years.  Their emotions filled with joy when they were able to see each other and talk to one another after so long. They laughed and cried talking about the memories they had together as kids. They spoke about where their lives are now, as well. Sara Sparkle is still trying to be a dancer and Rose King is still working on being a country singer.  In the image they’re eating take out from the Noir Cuisine Restaurant. Rose(Rachel, left) doesn’t seem to like the taste of the food. Sara Sarkle (Monica, right) is day dreaming about her exboyfriends. She seems to have so many of them and they all have some narly jobs. One is a private investigator and the other is in the Mafia.  More to the story is that they’re thinking about joining forces to become a band. Rose as the singer and Sara as the dancer. They think this will be good for both of their careers because they’re good individually. So they thought if they were to join forces they will be unstoppable and invincible. They talked about what they wanted their band to be about. What was their moto and what they wanted their audience to get out of their music. ..So they thought for a moment. Rose thought, “there’s so much going on in the world….people are fighting .” Sara says, “yeah there’s no love anymore…everyone needs love.” Rose wanted their performance to be about emotions but Sara wanted their performances to be about love specifically. Rose had a more emotional point of view towards what their performance would be about. ..It took them awhile to see eye to eye but they were able to come to a conclusion….They agreed to disagree. So they thought…the best thing was to sing about love and emotion because love brings about emotions….Rachel-Monica-Friends

Sharing Credit

The background of this conversation is about Sara and Rose not communicating for so many years. Rose came upon Sara’s email while googling her online one day while she was in Tennessee. It was a bitter sweet moment. Rose found out that their dad died long ago after she moved out of the house. That’s why their mom threw away Rose’s post card every time she sent one.

The back story to this is that Rose left home to pursue her singing career. They lived poorly and Rose wanted to find a better life for them. Being the oldest of the two she always had to take care of her sister Sara. Her mother worked a lot of hours to provide for them two but they always lived budget to budget. This was the case because their dad had medical bills because of his illness. He had cancer.

When Rose got her chance to pursue her career, she took it. While they hadn’t spoke for many years Sara started dancing. She danced for many musicals and shows. She eventually became a famous dancer in the hit movie High School Musical.

They have hopes to communicate again but in the mean time Sara is busy helping her mother with medical expenses back at home.

4 Stars

Postcards From The Past…

4.5 Stars



To my sister Sara Sparkle. From Rose Sparkle (her maiden name before she got married and changed her name to Rose King).

On the postcard, it reads, “Hey sister, hope you’re having a good time back at home with the family. I’m in Nashville getting ready to make it big in country music.  Miss you! Talk soon.” Little does Rose know that Sara never received the postcard. When the postcard arrived at home in the mailbox their mom took the postcard and hid it. Their parents were ashamed that Rose had left her life at home to become a country star so their mother avoided any contact Rose tried to make towards Sara.

Apps Galore

My character dossier would use these apps that I have here. She will always need a calculator to do huge number math problems when dealing with dealers. She will also need her bank app to check her balances. She also has a social folder which includes all her social apps that connect her to other people. She needs the torch in order to see at night when its dark out. The waze app helps her get to where she needs to go avoiding any accidents that can be an inconvenience.

What’s Inside You?!

Character Dossier: Rose King

These are what you’ll find inside my character dossier. Similar to other posts I’ve written about her,she contains the following mentioned. She is always hydrated and on top of her health. Sh s optimistic in the hopes that she can leave the life she lives now behind. She is always aware and alert because the place in which she stays are not safe, especially not for a lady. She has build up of lots of hate from the man she divorced long ago. He left her lonely, without money, and now she’s restarting her life over in the dangerous streets.











Rose King was born and raised in texas. She is a small town country singer who performs at local bars around town. She believes in owning a gun because she was once mugged as a young teen. She has lived in poverty all her life and is working on becoming a famous singer one day. She waitresses as her day job. She often travels to Tennessee because that is where her family is originally from. She has long straight brown hair. She wears glasses. She has a mole on her nose. She is very light complected. She is average height.

She is everything anyone would find as “normal” but little do we know she is much more than what meets the eye.