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Think about Audio Storytelling: Reading

The Ambience of Film Noir- Soundscapes, Design and Mood

Through reading this I found several things in relation to film noir. Sound plays a heavy role in film noir by expressing mood to the viewer and creating such emotions through what you hear. Without certain sounds the viewer wouldn’t be able to grasp the atmosphere of a scene or be able to feel what a character may be feeling.  We the viewer can only see so much that sound plays half the role in getting across the right mood in how we are to feel when watching something. Pacinig foot steps express anxiousness. A cricket sound expresses darkness and loneliness. Windy echo in an ally makes you realize where you’re at, in an ally. These all reflect sounds in film noir

Come to think of it, sound kind of tells you how you “should” feel in a sense. It drives you to feel that way. It’d be more interesting to know why certain sounds mean what they mean. Why does laughter express happiness? Why does pacing foot steps express anxiousness? These sounds are what they are.

Think about Audio Storytelling:Watching

Watch: Touch of Evil Opening Shot and Orson Welles – Touch of Evil (1958) – opening (NO-restored version)

The difference I found in the theme music and street sound  of the non no-restored was that the types of sound was distinctly different. It went from a fast, heavy beat to a steady blues, New Orleans type of sound.

The theme music in the non restored version also sounded heavy with a loud and fast beat but the difference from this sound and the first video was that it never transitioned into a different sound. The same beat that was at the beginning of the video continued through out the video