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I chose to create this sound of my baby laughing because I wanted to express the excitement in her tone. I added some of her coos and sounds that she made to an existing sound of a baby laughing.  She hasn’t been able to fully laugh just yet.  It was tricky trying to blend the sound she makes into it because her sound is quite softer than the baby laughing but I thought it was well blended for the most part.



This is my sound for when I’m dreaming. Short and as if I’m in another realm. I don’t get to sleep often because  I have a load of work to be done at school.  Why did I choose this sound? I chose this sound because it’s the only sound I think that would emphasize how my dreams are.  I always go to bed with Alaina. Then I wake up i the middle of the night to start on some homework. It’s been like this for much some time now…I can’t wait until the semester is over so I can stop an breathe.