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Taking part in innovation is my enjoyment. I have been working as a developer for two years at the University of Mary Washington for the Enterprise Application Services-IT department while pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science. I will be graduating in May of 2016. Languages I am most familiar with include: SQL, PL/SQL, Java, C++, C, and Python. I have worked with Windows, Linux, and UNIX operating systems and Oracle and MySQL database. I’m interested in data science, software development,  and managing applications. I have hopes in creating an appealing and efficient product for consumers to use one day. I wish to take part in creating a more innovative society. I look forward to assisting a company in growing and expanding its potential.

Education             Bachelors of Science in Computer Science  University of Mary Washington    Fredericksburg, VA       May 2016

Experience           Student Developer, Enterprise Application Services    

University of Mary Washington    Fredericksburg, VA      May 2014 – Present

  • Create and modify data reports and applications using SQL applications and Report Builder to assist all departments ranging from Admissions to Institutional Research at the University of Mary Washington with data analysis and information retrieval. Export and format data from Microsoft Report Builder to Microsoft Excel, PDF, CSV, and mail merge when necessary.
  • Work closely with senior applications developers to gather customer requirements to develop reports and applications. Inform incorrect data to senior developers and University department directors. Report to senior developers and supervisors the progress of data reports and applications. Explain to senior developers on how programming problems were resolved. Arrange and discuss next priority assignment.
  • Implement procedures and functions that are used for writing query codes more conveniently to retrieve information from or pushing information to the database.
  • Modify web interface using JavaScript, for the University to be used efficiently as a mobile application.
  • Extensively check for test cases and document code to ensure applications are functional and comprehensive.
  • Improve data retrieval for Banner enterprise system by analyzing data to debug existing codes.
  • As programming problems arises, independently research and apply how to correct programming issues/.
  • Set permissions to allow specific users to run reports on SharePoint. Set connections from applications to SharePoint.
  • Generate data flow diagrams using Microsoft Visio and manual procedures to assist workers in understanding reporting procedures.
  • Effectively work collaboratively with other developers on large scale projects in a timely manner to produce commendable applications. Assist junior student developers in implementing SQL code.

Applied Data Mining, Independent Study        

University of Mary Washington    Fredericksburg, VA        Jan 2016 – Present

  • Work independently with Dr. Ron Zacharski, professor at the University of Mary Washington to apply data mining techniques to real world programming.
  • Individually research and study Python programming language to make programs more effectively usable.
  • Update python code in A Programmer’s Guide to Data Mining by Dr. Zacharski to use recent functions that implement data mining techniques.

Applications        Extensive use in SharePoint, Banner Enterprise System, Toad for Oracle, SQL Developer, SQL Server Reporting Services, SSRS Report Builder, Git, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Excel, JGrasp, Gimp. Moderate use in WordPress, Microsoft Visual Basic, Adobe Photoshop

Languages           Solid skill in SQL, PL/SQL. Professionally proficient in Java, C++. Extensive experience in Python, C programming. Competent in JavaScript, CSS, HTML

Databases             Oracle, MySQL

Operating             Windows, Linux, UNIX

Related Course Work
Computer Science:
Software Engineering, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Applications of Databases, Data Structures and  Algorithms, Theory of Computation, Data Mining, Operating Systems and Programming, Computer Systems and Architecture
Mathematics: Calculus, Math Modeling, Discrete Mathematics, Differential Equations

Odom-Lambiasi ’00 Scholarship
      University of Mary Washington   Fredericksburg, VA   Aug 2015 – May 2016
Dean’s List                                               University of Mary Washington   Fredericksburg, VA   Aug 2013 – May 2015
Athletic Wrestling Scholarship          Missouri Valley College                Marshall, MO             Aug 2012 – May 2013
Dean’s List                                               Missouri Valley College                Marshall, MO             Aug 2012 – May 2013

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