You’re A Pinteresting Character

My character Rose uses pinterest to share to people things she enjoys. She uses pinterest to pin things that interest her as well. She also uses it so that she cane remember it for later. She has a ton of stuff that she’s working on. The first pin in the image is a canon in Texas. She pinned this because this is her favorite place to go to just to get away from the world. She uses this place as a place to unwind and come to her senses. When she’s feeling the urrge to do drugs again she comes here to get her away from all the bad stuff.

The second pin is a picture that says ,”love me like you do”. The music that she makes are all about love and emotion. She wants to spread the word of love because she sees that there isn’t much in the world She wants to give back to the world because there were several instances where she has encountered good people. While she was in rehab she had a mentor who mentored her and allowed her to see that there’s more to life.

The third pin that Rose has are boots. These aren’t any ordinary boots. They’re combat boots. She has a rustic style. These boots signifies her hard work. These are her favorites boots and her only boots. She’s walked many miles in it to get to where she is now. These boots represent the hard work she puts into her work and towards her career.

The fourth image is an image of makeup. She’s working on her makeup line. She wants to express to ladies that you can be beautiful and you don’t need to put on too much makeup. Her makeup line uses natural ingredients.

The last pin is an inforaphic of a guitar. It’s quite obvious she’s a singer. She loves country music, that’s her kind of music. Also she plays the guitar!


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