Web Information Retrieval

Web Information Retrieval


 Stefano Ceri Alessandro Bozzon Marco Brambilla Emanuele Della Valle Piero Fraternali Silvia Quarteroni

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Data-centric systems and applications

From University of Mary Washington Libraries   In this book you will find and understand the principals of information retrieval. The system of how information is retrieved from the internet and the methods explained to show how retrieving information is made possible. The next part of this book explains how search engines are engineered  to retrieve information.  The book then examines how search engines are made a profit to industries. Thus, allowing the reader to understand why industries target certain places on the web more often than others. Lastly, the book focuses on the direction that search engines are taking to pull data more efficiently.  The following chapters will allow the readers to understand the more recent development in search engines, as well.

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