Status Update 4


It’s so windy and dark out, here at the Golden Gate bridge. We meet up with. So we tell Sara’s ex, who is apparently a private investigator about what all that has been happening to us. We let him in on what’s going on and what all information we have. We share with him these files

He’s appalled by how many incidents we have ran into where we’ve seen some odd looking man.

So I’m telling this private investigator my story and he goes,” Are you sure you saw who you thought you saw?”

I tell him ,” Yeah, I’m sure, at least I think I’m sure.”

Everything seemed like a blur. Sara and I had several drinks since then! Anyways, I’ve very descriptive. I tell him,”Some round fellow, he has glasses…looks like he hasn’t shaved for months! oh gawly!”
Seems as though it wasn’t enough for the investigator to follow any leads. So he tells us,”We’ll keep in touch” and leaves…

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