Panel Discussion Week 2: How it Works

HEY Y’ALL! This is panel discussion week 2 on ‘How it Works’. This week we will discuss the basis on how the internet works. Each of us will gear towards a specific topic in relation to the internet. Things we will discuss will primarily be about what we use everyday on the internet. Have you ever thought about what you use everyday on the internet?

Consider the following questions before class tomorrow.

  1. What is the internet?
  2. How does the internet work?
  3. What can you do with the internet?
  4. Why do you resort to the internet instead of outside resources? (Shopping, yellow pages, reviews, news, etc.)
  5. Is the internet a physical thing or an idea in what we use?
  6. How are we benefiting from the internet and how is the internet benefiting from us using it?
  7. In what ways do we take the internet for granted?

Panelists: Kaitlin, Dalina, Hannah, Matt.



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