Panel Discussion Reflection: How it Works

The panel that discussed “How It Works” touched on how the internet literally works. In class we discussed the architecture of the internet, what powers the internet, and how the internet came to be how it is today. More so, this discussion went into depth on what the internet encompasses. This panel covered search engines, language, the new web, and more. Questions that were discussed involved the topics “what is the internet?”, “what are search engines intended for?”, “what’s the difference between the new web and the old web?”, and other relevant questions. I feel that the panel covered a good stretch of topics that hit all the main points the class may have been concerned about. The group showed relevant videos that allowed a good understanding of what they were trying to cover. I was made aware of how search engines worked, what the internet means, how the internet is being used, and what generally makes up the internet.

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