New black widow: evidence reveal 6

After interviewing NoirCat, they were able to see that noircat was upset. She was upset because she felt neglected from the ds106 community in which Maggie is apart of.

That dog that was seen with Maggie comes to find out that they were working along side each other to make a scene about the disappearance of Meodred. Seems as though the black widow agency was missing  a lot. I was able to find this in Maggies house…It appears that the noir car Black widow thought they found was the correct one but was not!  It was the twin! Meodred is still unable to be found… We have been tricked by black widow all along! They have been guicute-animals-twins-8ding us into the wrong directions. The email in the last post must have not been meodred. It was meodred’s evil twin! So the question we as now is….Where is the real meodred?!

NoirCat: The Interview

Case Files: Photography

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