New black widow:evidence reveal 3

In their fourth evidence discovery they were abe to uncover a tag left behind. They also went to the abandoned house further escaping the disappearance of meodred. They then went to cat’s closet on caroline st to find that NoirCat had ran off through the kitty door before they were able to get to him.

What they weren’t unable to catch was that NoirCat left behind dog food. The dog food can be found in the image. The question was what does he have anything to do with dog food?

We came to the conclusion that Noir Cat wasn’t working alone but with another suspect….A dog that looks like Daphne that was saw leaving Maggies house the other day!17139578462_a2e92036b3_n

Evidence #04

Scenes and Leads

New BlackWidow: evidence reveal 2

In evidence three the black widow agency investigates groom and daphnes home. In the home they were able to find  a black box surrounded by other gaming equipment. They believe it was used to deactivate the microchip.


How could this be so?! Black widow agency didn’t have a keen eye to notice just right by it there was a game about adventure! The bottom circle, circles the adventure game. This is a clue far bigger than what the black widow agency found. Meodred is on an adventure. And is there another  daphne?17103028041_eb2d95c027_n

Evidence #03

New BlackWidow : evidence 1 reveal

In the first case the black widow agency was able to recover a note. The note allowed them to see that meodred wasn’t hiding from Maggie but instead catnapped! In the second evidence they interviewed Daphne.

 i didn’t understand how this could be when I literally saw Daphne leaving from behind Maggies house!! He appeared to be wearaing a burglar mask. This has put a new twist to the story!


Evidence #01

"We have you cat. If you ever want 2 see ur cat again, meet @ the pie..."

Evidence #02

Comments Week 13

Where are we now?

While editing images for my case, I thought it’d be a great idea to make this an assignment.

I took an existing images of these people.corn-on-the-cob (1)

And made it appear as if they are somewhere else doing something different.

australia392While doing so I also had to change the perspective of the image. As you can see in the second photo they are elongated. I did this so it would appear as if it’s going in the right direction of the room.

The next thing you’ll notice is that they’re playing poker. It really does look like they’re doing poker!

You’ll also see that one person in the original image looks different in the new one, The new person is the godfather…


Weekly Summary #13

Yay! It was my birthday today. I celebrated it with my husband and daughter. That was the highlight of my day. After I got back from church I went straight into finishing up the case. It took all day and them some. Since this case has been going on my skills in photoshop has gotten tons better. I really enjoyed the case we got. My group had some fun out of it. I think my favorite thing I got out of it were editing images lol.  It was kind of rough working with the agency and the character and going back and forth posting on different twitters and sites but my group was able to manage.

Assignment bank submit:






In this video I added all the photos we used during the case and made a video out of it. I wanted to show the timeline and how everything flowed. It was also to provide a way of summarizing our work through these images.

From Russia with Love Case

Progress Report: We’re on a lead

We Have Updates! Clues are connected!


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SparKling Closed a Case

Groom and Misha both lived in CA at when they were a part of a Mafia Group. Groom got Mish arrested and sent to prison. While Misha was in prison Groom moved to Virginia and got married. After Misha got out of jail he planned his attack towards Groom.  Misha and the Mafia Group attacked and kidnapped Groom. Unfortunately, Groom didn’t think the mafia would turn against him. So Misha hid Groom in an air balloon over the Itcc center…

Progress Reports with linked Status updates:

We Have Updates! Clues are connected!

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Now the real question is….Will Groom ever stop being delirious?…..


Status Update 16: We found the Groomster!

The day was getting darker. We got back to Virginia after we arrested Misha. So we gathered all our evidence and tried to connect the dots…

So here was what we came up with:

  • The mental case was Misha.
  • Groom corrupted the mafia’s plan and got Misha sent to jail
  • The cards signified that Groom was apart of the mafia and sent to jail
  • Balloons are the best place to hide something
  • Wings from the letter meant that something was in the air.
  • Joker card meant that misha was toying with us.

Finally, after hours of putting stuff together we went to UMW and ran to the roof top. and saw….



WE FOUND GROOM!! He was hidden in the air balloon above UMW!


We managed to get him down from a helicopter. He was found frail and weak so we rushed him to the hospital as soon as possible.


Status Update 15: Misha meets Sara

Before I went back to the dressing room I was in the restroom next door. I heard a voice coming from Sara’s dressing room that I wasn’t voice I was familiar with. So I went back to the dressing room and saw that it was Misha! He was wearing some kind of disguise and Sara Sparkle couldn’t tell.ht_stasi_disguise_ll_130904_16x9_992

I screamed, “Sara don’t!” and told her that he was trying to kill her and that drink had poison in it. So I rushed at him and attacked him from behind after I screamed at her! After I got him to the ground I got Sara to call the police and get them involved.


We were able to get Misha to spill the beans on what he’s been trying to do. He told us that art is key and wherever the key appears, we will find Groom.

Groom Handcuffed

Status Update 14: The Mental Case

Flash back from the day Rose was reading the newspaper. She came across the article of a mental case who got released from jail. Comes to find that Misha was the mental case that was released from ail. Even though he was released on good behavior he was still harmful towards the Groomster. The mafia kidnapped Groom because he ruined their plans for smuggling drugs.

Groom thought everything was fine but unfortunately when Misha got out of jail, he wanted pay back. Groom didn’t know so. So Misha starting working at ds106 radio to get closer to Groom.


This leads to figure out what the wing on the letter mean and the balloons.




A Mind Of An Individual