Storify It

On Rose King’s storify she has listed her pinterest first. She wanted to allow her viewers to see the things she’s interested in so that they could get an understanding of she is.

They second thing she has listed is an article about drugs and rehab. This is to express to her viewers the problem she had with drugs a long time ago. She wanted her viewers to see that she has overcome the use of drugs. Of course, it was painfully hard since she had been going it at for quite some time. The article is quite similar to the telling of her life. The woman in the articles dad passes away whereas, Rose’s dad was very ill and passed away after she left home. The article goes on to say how rehab changed and saved her life. Similar to Rose, in rehab was where she found the love for music which saved her life and keeps her from using drugs.

The third thing is a video of Maddie & Tae. These girls are country singers just like Rose. This is actually one of Rose’s favorite song. It relates to Rose in many ways. Rose is a girl in a country song and is tired of all the typical male dominant role in country music.

The second to last thing is the SparKling website! This is Sara Sparkle and Rose King website for their group band. Here you’ll find what they’re doing and all the latest up to date stuff about them.  On here you’ll find how they started, what they’re about, and other information of their works.

Lastly, you have Rose’s twitter account. This is here so that her audience can contact her or so that she can tweet to her audience about the latest things that are going on in her life.

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