Status Update 9: The Groomster

Status update 9

By this time we’re back in Los Angeles, California..After finding the man in the background Sara and I head to Groom’s mother’s house to find more clues. As we approach the house we see his mother out gardening. We walk towards and she welcomes us in her home. While we’re in her home she offers us cookies and tea. The atmosphere in the house felt dry, lonely, and dark. It’s as if there hasn’t been much going on since Groom disappeared.

A few moments later after chatting about her garden we ask her a series of questions. The first thing we ask her is if she had seen groom. She replied with a sigh and a very content, “No”.

We then ask if she had any where abouts of his disappearance. She didn’t even know he disappeared. She thought he ran away from home….

She then asked us who would take him and why?!

We told her we aren’t sure ourselves and are trying to get to the bottom of it. She asked us,”Why do you care to look for him?”
Rose told her,”…..he holds the key to important information in ds106…and if we don’t find him there will no longer be a ds106.”

So she grabs Sara and my hand, looks us in the eye, and says,”….I need my son….d-s-1-0-6 for…… life…..and without Groom..there will be no life…”

She told us to follow her to his room. She says,” He used to play with his action figures in here….maybe here is where you can find more clues.”

I came across a deck of cards so I handed them to Sara to take a look at it. While going through them Sara saw that Misha’s name was on it. So we asked ourselves,”Why does Groom have a deck of cards?”


Sara remembered that a long time ago that her other ex-boyfriend was talking about a person that called himself the Groomster. ….What the heck is up with Sara and all these ex boyfriends of hers?!…

Anyways, she other ex-boyfriend was in a mafia called noir-gang. She said that she remembered him saying something like, “….no one wants to mess with the groomster…he owns all the territory.”

We were definitely on to something…. So we planned to meet up with the private investigator again the next morning at a public place to give him more detail so that he can help us further….

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