Status Update 3


While the sun is still out, barely out, and the street lights have yet to come on, we head to dinner! We hop in the cab and like all cab drives, they’re so awkward. Sara whispers to me how creepy the cab drive looks lol. I’m getting that odd feeling like earlier that something bad is going to happen!

“Ah! I knew that cab driver was weird. He was driving all over the place!”…

I wonder why he kept looking in the mirror at Sara suspiciously.

So we finally get to the restaurant. Some restauraunt called Noir Cuisine. I’ve never been there but apparently they have good noir cat. As we talk about why she called me so frightenly earlier, she notices that there’s a guy sitting behind us at a table not so far away, looking over in our direction.  I get that odd feeling that someone is up to know good I tell you!

So she tells me that in the letter it says something like”I know you’re here.” Who says that?! No one, other than a creeper….

Later Sara calls a private investigator who she dated long ago. I wonder how Sara meets all the men in her life lol. She called him to see if he can help us help ourselves, get to the bottom of this. As of right now we’re planning on meeting the guy at 8 tonight  after we finish eating.


guy at cafe

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