Status Update 14: The Mental Case

Flash back from the day Rose was reading the newspaper. She came across the article of a mental case who got released from jail. Comes to find that Misha was the mental case that was released from ail. Even though he was released on good behavior he was still harmful towards the Groomster. The mafia kidnapped Groom because he ruined their plans for smuggling drugs.

Groom thought everything was fine but unfortunately when Misha got out of jail, he wanted pay back. Groom didn’t know so. So Misha starting working at ds106 radio to get closer to Groom.


This leads to figure out what the wing on the letter mean and the balloons.




5 thoughts on “Status Update 14: The Mental Case”

  1. Wow! I guess you can never trust those who work as DS106 Radio! In fact, you can’t trust anyone from my experiences. The evidence is very suspicious, and I can’t wait to see what the angel wing means!

    Jewel out.

  2. Wow so detailed. I did not see the wing on the letter. After I see your post, I went back to the case page on the noir106 website and checked it and just saw that.

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