Status Update 13: All the clues

We were able to gather up the clues to sit down and point out what was going on with what and why.

Sara noticed an important detail n the letter to Groom. There was a wing at the top of the letter that must signify something.

Then there was the valentine’s card with the noir cat as a joker.

We also had an image of Misha at the ds106 Radio conference.

In another image we had a clue of Misha, Groom, and their fellow mafia members having a meeting. We were able t uncover that the mafia turned against Groom aka the Groomster forputting Misha i jail. The private investigator was able to tell us that the mafia must have kidnapped Groom to help Misha…He saw that the people in this image.

corn-on-the-cob (1)

The private investigator noticed them at the casino in this image with the god father.


Now we’re out to find him…

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