Life As An Animal (4 stars)

Rose King loves tea cup pigs! She fostered one when the tiny pig was abandoned by her mother. Rose took great care of them and takes pictures of them from time to time. She had a day off from her performance and took pictures of them. They start their day off eating icecream. These little piggies love ice cream because it’s made from pigs milk! They then run around in the back yard to work off all they just ate. Rose tries to keep them petite because it’s easy for them to become obese. After running off their fat they finger paint! Well that is apart of their typical day but today Rose let them play with paint. Next they take a walk along the river bank and then go back to playing in their little tea cup house.

At end of the day they go into the house and take a little nap. When they wake up they have a drink of beer to get them going for the day. Next their mother comes  to feed them! After that their little piggies play one last time before they go to bed.


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