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Billy Wilder’s Double Indemnity

How does space help frame the design and style of noir in this films?

Space helped frame the design and style of noir in the film simply by emphasizing the framework of what was being seen. The places in which traumatic events occurred highlighted noir.

What design elements of noir are not specific to a particular time and place?

I’m not too sure about this question. Noir design element wouldn’t be specific to a place where there aren’t shadows and it’s not dark. In an era where theirs no tragedy, darkness, would probably not have design elements of noir.

Read and Reflect on The Vignelli Canon

Semantics. He explains to use that we have to find meaning in our work. Some times it’s hard to find meaning and inspiration. That’s only the case when I’m given something to work on. I feel that inspiration is something a person comes up with on their own, and not from a person ordering another. I find it too hard to find inspiration and meaning that way in my work. I agree where he spoke about syntax. Grids are used by everyone I believe to achieve a well design. Visual power is seen almost every where now a days. Its distinct, straight to the point, and obvious when seen. I learned about the many types size and their use. I always new headers were bigger than average fonts but never knew the many meanings on type sizes.

Brainstorm Radio Show Ideas

hmmmm……Radio show ideas about noir?

This radio can include music that reflects a noir style.
The talks can be about music or movies that have a noir style.
In the radio, we can also include real life things such as celebrity info who are having a “noir” moment. i.e. love triangle, death etc.

Then it can have a daily weather saying the weather is muggy and dark.

We can interview celebrities. We’ll also make commercial breaks that emphasize a noir style.