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Step 1: Pick an image that includes an object in a place. ( The objects I’ll be using are the people)


Step 2: Pick a place you want your object to be in.


Step 3: Pick an item you want to include with the object.woodworking-plans-for-a-poker-table-5

Now let’s begin t he image editing!
Step 4: Using the free select tool. Select the object.( I select the people in the image). Then cut them out.1 2
Step 5: insert them into the image of the place you want your object to be in.3 Step 6: Adjust the perspective so it can appear natural to the image of the place.4 5
Step 7: Using the free select too select the item you want to be in the image. Then cut it out.6 7
Step 8: Add it to the image and adjust the perspective so it an appear natural in the image.8
Step 9: Copy the original image of the object and paste it over the item so it can appear natural if there are any overlapping.( In my image the poker table was overlapping the peoples hands so I pasted their hands over the poker table to make it appear as if they are sitting at a poker table. Then blur and adjust any parts you see unnatural in the image.


Step 10: (Optional) Change the color of the image.  (In the image I also added in someone else’s face as you can see the further right person nearest the camera used to be Groom but is now ‘THE GOD FATHER’.)


The blog I wrote about this image can be found here.


Step 1: Pick a movie poster with an animal on itmpafindingnemo2

Step 2: Pick an image editing software that allows you to rotate, move, blur, and mesh images.

Step 3: Select an area on the animal you want to appear moving .(i.e. like a fin on a shark or a tale on a dog wagging.)1

Step 4: cut it out of place and rotate it horizontally2

Step 5: Place it where you want it to appear moving.

Step 6: Color in the white space to make it appear as if the image was unedited


Step 7: Save the image as a second image.(Don’t overwrite the original image)

Step 8: Upload the finished image and the original image.

Step 8: Select the option for it to run infinitely then create a gif or movie4

Now you have create an animated poster!

Click on the image!


My blog about why I did it:



Status Update 10: Where is Groom?

We have some fortunate news. Groom is still alive. Groom was able to get a hold of us via twitter the other day.

We have to get everyone to believe us otherwise finding Groom will have no hope!

Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to tell us where he is because it’s too dark he says. We have to hurry before time runs out! We were on our way to meet the private investigator when Groom got a hold of us. There wasn’t much background noise where Groom was at but it sounded like he had helium in his voice…

Even though Groom is still alive out case seems to be running cold. So far we were able to figure out that he was in the mafia and that misha is hiding him and on  our track…We’ll just have to wait and see what our private investigator house found on his end now…

Visual Assignement: From Place to Place

In the photo example I took an image of my daughter and placed her under the sea. I did this because it reminded me of when she used to be inside my tummy swimming around. So I took an existing image of her and an image under the water and meshed them together. I used the three thirds rule and placed her on three thirds of the image to make the picture more appealing.

I also made her a bit transparent so that it would look like she is surrounded by water. I also added fishes in front of her so it could look like she is really swimming with the fishes.  I used this photo of her because I thought it  would blend her well with the fishes since she’s wearing pink. There’s a lot going on in the photo but you can tell she’s the focal point of the image.


alaina underwater

Ocean_park_wiki (1)

Storify It

On Rose King’s storify she has listed her pinterest first. She wanted to allow her viewers to see the things she’s interested in so that they could get an understanding of she is.

They second thing she has listed is an article about drugs and rehab. This is to express to her viewers the problem she had with drugs a long time ago. She wanted her viewers to see that she has overcome the use of drugs. Of course, it was painfully hard since she had been going it at for quite some time. The article is quite similar to the telling of her life. The woman in the articles dad passes away whereas, Rose’s dad was very ill and passed away after she left home. The article goes on to say how rehab changed and saved her life. Similar to Rose, in rehab was where she found the love for music which saved her life and keeps her from using drugs.

The third thing is a video of Maddie & Tae. These girls are country singers just like Rose. This is actually one of Rose’s favorite song. It relates to Rose in many ways. Rose is a girl in a country song and is tired of all the typical male dominant role in country music.

The second to last thing is the SparKling website! This is Sara Sparkle and Rose King website for their group band. Here you’ll find what they’re doing and all the latest up to date stuff about them.  On here you’ll find how they started, what they’re about, and other information of their works.

Lastly, you have Rose’s twitter account. This is here so that her audience can contact her or so that she can tweet to her audience about the latest things that are going on in her life.

You’re A Pinteresting Character

My character Rose uses pinterest to share to people things she enjoys. She uses pinterest to pin things that interest her as well. She also uses it so that she cane remember it for later. She has a ton of stuff that she’s working on. The first pin in the image is a canon in Texas. She pinned this because this is her favorite place to go to just to get away from the world. She uses this place as a place to unwind and come to her senses. When she’s feeling the urrge to do drugs again she comes here to get her away from all the bad stuff.

The second pin is a picture that says ,”love me like you do”. The music that she makes are all about love and emotion. She wants to spread the word of love because she sees that there isn’t much in the world She wants to give back to the world because there were several instances where she has encountered good people. While she was in rehab she had a mentor who mentored her and allowed her to see that there’s more to life.

The third pin that Rose has are boots. These aren’t any ordinary boots. They’re combat boots. She has a rustic style. These boots signifies her hard work. These are her favorites boots and her only boots. She’s walked many miles in it to get to where she is now. These boots represent the hard work she puts into her work and towards her career.

The fourth image is an image of makeup. She’s working on her makeup line. She wants to express to ladies that you can be beautiful and you don’t need to put on too much makeup. Her makeup line uses natural ingredients.

The last pin is an inforaphic of a guitar. It’s quite obvious she’s a singer. She loves country music, that’s her kind of music. Also she plays the guitar!


Character Resume

Objective: We encourage innovation. We take responsibility for our customer’s satisfaction. We are responsible, accountable, respectful, effective, and efficient live performance Group. Make a difference in the way art is delivered to the audience.Being accountable and cheerful group.

Education and Training

Sara Sparkle:
Institution Name: 
Julliard School
Field of Study: Music
Dates: Monday, August 26, 2000 to May 1, 2004
Summary: I was asked to attend this school from the school itself! It was an exciting moment. I got offered the scholarship to dance here and it was great! I’ve made so much memories and enjoyed performing across the U.S.
Rose King:
Institution Name:
 Julliard School
Field of Study: Computer Information Systems
Dates: Tuesday, August 21, 2003 to Saturday, May 4, 2007
Summary: I got accepted into the school for music. I love singing and if it weren’t for attending here I wouldn’t have been able to understand music in such a way. Here, my passion for country music flourished

Work Experience

Current Career Level: Professional

Rose King:
Company Name: SparKling
Job Title: Singer
Employment Date: Wednesday, June 1, 2011 to present
Job Description and Duties: I’m the lead singer of the band SparKling. I take part in creating the lyrics and help in the tunes. 
Personal Experience & Achievements: This position has allowed me to put into the music and rhythm how I feel. There’s only so much you can say with words that making music allows you to express so much more

 Special Skills

  • Singing
  • Play Guitar
  • Create lyrics


  • Perform at the Emmy Awards.
  • Perform at Dallas Cowboys games.
  • Volunteer at shelter

How It All Began

3 stars

Our group came together in the year 2013. We joined forces to make music and spread the word of love. Sara and Rose met up with the other group members through friends on social media. They saw each others talents and potential. All the group members were in some form of dilemma, not knowing where to go with their life. They met with each other discussing issues they had and thought to themselves about what they all had in common with the world. The idea was that everyone needed love.  Sara and Rose are the leaders of the band. They named there band SparKling. They have performed several concerts and would love to join more. Visit their page!

Life As An Animal (4 stars)

Rose King loves tea cup pigs! She fostered one when the tiny pig was abandoned by her mother. Rose took great care of them and takes pictures of them from time to time. She had a day off from her performance and took pictures of them. They start their day off eating icecream. These little piggies love ice cream because it’s made from pigs milk! They then run around in the back yard to work off all they just ate. Rose tries to keep them petite because it’s easy for them to become obese. After running off their fat they finger paint! Well that is apart of their typical day but today Rose let them play with paint. Next they take a walk along the river bank and then go back to playing in their little tea cup house.

At end of the day they go into the house and take a little nap. When they wake up they have a drink of beer to get them going for the day. Next their mother comes  to feed them! After that their little piggies play one last time before they go to bed.


But First, Let Me Take A Selfie

This is a video/image recording of Alaina my daugthter. What I did was meshed the video and images of her together. I started out with a video of her so it could look more appealing rather than just an image. Like the song, the video starts out with a recording then images of selfies. The rest are obvious selfie images of her. Originally the video was static. When I recorded the video of her in the car my hands were shaky obviously because the car was moving. So I edited the entire video to stop it from making it look shaky and instead shake the screen itself lol.