My virtual home! Here you’ll find information about myself and things that interests me.  You’ll also come to find posts about classes I take part in. Look forward in hearing about them? Follow along and you’ll see!

Hey Y’all! Yes, you all!  My name is Dalina Vuong (if it wasn’t obvious already) and I’m from Texas. Currently, I’m residing in Virginia with daughter, Alaina. I am currently attending the University of Mary Washington, majoring in Computer Science. Here, I work as a student aide for the Enterprise Application Services- IT Department as a student developer.

Before residing in Virginia, I lived in Missouri where I attended Missouri Valley College, majoring in Computer Information Systems, on a  wrestling scholarship. Yes, wrestling! …and no not the kind you see on WWE with the choke slamming and the kick to the face kind of fun.

I started wrestling my sophomore year at Sam Houston High School in Arlington, TX. Here, I graduated top 10% of my class and have had many awards of different kinds along the way. Before wrestling I played basketball for my school. I believe I’m good at basketball so if I’m ever given the opportunity to play, game on! After living in Missouri, I moved to Virginia.

I enjoy working out and maintaining a positive lifestyle. I also enjoy doing a lot of DIY projects. People seem to enjoy my food so I guess I enjoy people enjoying my food lol. Making others happy makes me happy. I definitely love road trips! There’s not a better way to travel than to hit the road.

If you ask me where I’d be in several years, I’d tell you ‘somewhere better than I am now’. I am always looking forward to doing new and exciting things in the future as I am presently doing the best I can do now.

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