Tell A Joke!

“Knock Knock!”
“Who’s there?”

“Who Who?”


I decided to create a daily create asking the audience to tell a joke.  I feel that so often we are so busy with our lives that we lose fun in what we’re doing. We either over work ourselves and lose humor in what we used to find funny. I wanted this to be a daily create that when people pass by the site and read it, they’ll do it! Not only will they tell a joke but they may read others and  laugh. They may even get something out of what they read. I believe everyone has a joke to tell, whether they find it funny themselves or not, others may find it to put a smile on their face when they aren’t having such a funny day. A joke can be told by anyone, anywhere, and any which way they want to tell a joke. 


How do you say “Hello!”? Say “Hello” in your tone of voice or native language!

I thought this would be a great daily create. It’s short simple and can easily be created by anyone from all across the world. This daily create encourages others to express how they say “Hello! Here’s an audio of me saying “hello” in my native language. I wanted others to hear how I say “hello”. Not only do I speak English but I speak Vietnamese, as well. I have also taken a foreign language in school for Spanish. I have taken Spanish classes for about 5 years now. Spanish seems to just come and go for me because I have take it on and off. I’m able to saw a few things in Spanish and form basic sentences. I can actually write better Spanish than I do Vietnamese. Even though I can write better Spanish I can speak better Vietnamese.  I grew up speaking Vietnamese as a first language. As I progress through school, I started to lose that language a little bit. So I decided to make this daily create to remind me that I am always Vietnamese at heart.


New black widow: Evidence reveal 8

When we got back to maggie’s hosue we found the dog and cat hurdled up together. They knew that this will be the end of the. So we took them down to the animal station and  arrested them for hindering evidence. We were okay with what black widow did in leaving Maggie in another place so we left it at that. Black widow explained that they were commuicatin Meodred’s evil twin in order to get to meodred. They just didn’t have a keen eye to look at all the detail in the evidence they had. Luckily were were actually able to find Meodred and lock up Daphne’s evil friend dog and Meodred’s evil twin.adopted-cat-cage-116492786

New black widow: evidence reveal 6

After interviewing NoirCat, they were able to see that noircat was upset. She was upset because she felt neglected from the ds106 community in which Maggie is apart of.

That dog that was seen with Maggie comes to find out that they were working along side each other to make a scene about the disappearance of Meodred. Seems as though the black widow agency was missing  a lot. I was able to find this in Maggies house…It appears that the noir car Black widow thought they found was the correct one but was not!  It was the twin! Meodred is still unable to be found… We have been tricked by black widow all along! They have been guicute-animals-twins-8ding us into the wrong directions. The email in the last post must have not been meodred. It was meodred’s evil twin! So the question we as now is….Where is the real meodred?!

NoirCat: The Interview

Case Files: Photography

New black widow: evidence reveal 5

I looks as though the black widow agency has been fault and leaving behind a lot of clues. We were able to see that their anonymous tip wasn’t so anonymous. After going through black widows email I was able to uncover that the black widow agency has been speaking with meodred!

This is the actual image black widow didn’t want you to see! Meodred Pierce can be seen as a recent contact in Black widows contact list.



Orginal image:Anonymous Tip

Anonymous Tip


New Black Widow: evidence reveal 4

In evidence 5 the black widow agency were able to find soft paws that were left behind They were able to trace this back to noirCat as seen in the photo for having the same soft paws.  What the didn’t realize was that if you zoomed out you could see that the softpaws weren’t alone. You  could see a paw of a dog in it!

Zoomed out image:


Zoomed out image with dog paw traces to see:dogpaw

Original image:road with soft paws

Evidence #05



New black widow:evidence reveal 3

In their fourth evidence discovery they were abe to uncover a tag left behind. They also went to the abandoned house further escaping the disappearance of meodred. They then went to cat’s closet on caroline st to find that NoirCat had ran off through the kitty door before they were able to get to him.

What they weren’t unable to catch was that NoirCat left behind dog food. The dog food can be found in the image. The question was what does he have anything to do with dog food?

We came to the conclusion that Noir Cat wasn’t working alone but with another suspect….A dog that looks like Daphne that was saw leaving Maggies house the other day!17139578462_a2e92036b3_n

Evidence #04

Scenes and Leads

New BlackWidow: evidence reveal 2

In evidence three the black widow agency investigates groom and daphnes home. In the home they were able to find  a black box surrounded by other gaming equipment. They believe it was used to deactivate the microchip.


How could this be so?! Black widow agency didn’t have a keen eye to notice just right by it there was a game about adventure! The bottom circle, circles the adventure game. This is a clue far bigger than what the black widow agency found. Meodred is on an adventure. And is there another  daphne?17103028041_eb2d95c027_n

Evidence #03

New BlackWidow : evidence 1 reveal

In the first case the black widow agency was able to recover a note. The note allowed them to see that meodred wasn’t hiding from Maggie but instead catnapped! In the second evidence they interviewed Daphne.

 i didn’t understand how this could be when I literally saw Daphne leaving from behind Maggies house!! He appeared to be wearaing a burglar mask. This has put a new twist to the story!


Evidence #01

"We have you cat. If you ever want 2 see ur cat again, meet @ the pie..."

Evidence #02