Radio Show Week 2

This week we got off to a slow start but I’m glad to say we’re done! The second time we met we discussed what the format of the radio show will be, as well as, what  we were going to say. I think we expressed the noir style in our radio show really well. From our commercials to the weather, I think the audience will be able to imagine a dark, shady setting, When you listen to the radio show you’ll hear an interview from the host and one of the characters. Our character dossier are the characters we used in the radio and not ourselves.. It was really cool having the two characters actually be the characters of the show. It made our characters become even more to life that what they were already, just an imaginative thing. Overall, I think our radio was on point. =)

Radio Show Week1

This week we got together on google doc to incorporate all of our ideas. It’s going great for all of what we’re coming up with. We’re still working on mending our ideas together to see what works and what doesn’t work.

Right now I’m trying to find celeb gossip that has a noir style to it. Love triangles that ends in tragedy, bizarre info on celebrity life that was revealed the public (drugs, alcohol, affairs) or anything of that nature. Juicy gossip will be well on it’s way soon! Can’t wait!

What’s your super power?

If I had a super power i would want it to be super strength! Super strength because my favorite super hero is the hulk. He has always fascinated me because all he is, is mutated and has super strength! This image is an image of me from when i was wrestling in Missouri at a wrestling tournament. Every time I encounter a conversation about super powers i think of this image. This image is an image of me taking down my opponent.


Weekly Summary #5

I learned a lot about the principals of design with Vignelli. It is interesting that even though his works are before the era of technology , a lot in what he does still applies. I believe he has such a great understanding because he doesn’t have a machine doing the work for him, therefor e’s able to put an emphasis on graphics and design.

The design blitz was hard to find inspiration with. There was a lot to find with very specific concepts which was a bit challenging since it wan’t general.

I’m finding that my character is becoming real person the more I do the assignments that require me to refer to my character dossier. She’s starting to come together. It’ll be interesting to see what she becomes of herself later in the semester.

Play with your food:


Creative Family Tree:


What’s your super power?










Copy Right Thoughts

I believe when a person remixes or recreate what was already created, the creator should be credited. Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s a copy and where to define plagiarism. Creative commons seems to be a good way to allow owners to releases their product.  Sometimes I wonder if two people never met and came up with the idea, what would that be considered? I guess an example would be creating a program. The assignments we have in the computer science classes requires us to create programs. In the end the programs have all the same functionality but the steps in creating it and the code written are different. How would that be defined in terms of who created the program?

Apps Galore

My character dossier would use these apps that I have here. She will always need a calculator to do huge number math problems when dealing with dealers. She will also need her bank app to check her balances. She also has a social folder which includes all her social apps that connect her to other people. She needs the torch in order to see at night when its dark out. The waze app helps her get to where she needs to go avoiding any accidents that can be an inconvenience.

Animated Movie Posters

4.5 stars

What I did was take the image and edited to make it look as if the shark is swimming! The tail should flip back and forth. I edited the image by flipping the tale and placing it on the other side. To replaced where the tale goes missing and smudged the image and made water streaks so that it looks natural. It took quite a bit of time thinking about what movie poster I could use to make it animate.

Click on the image!


What’s Inside You?!

Character Dossier: Rose King

These are what you’ll find inside my character dossier. Similar to other posts I’ve written about her,she contains the following mentioned. She is always hydrated and on top of her health. Sh s optimistic in the hopes that she can leave the life she lives now behind. She is always aware and alert because the place in which she stays are not safe, especially not for a lady. She has build up of lots of hate from the man she divorced long ago. He left her lonely, without money, and now she’s restarting her life over in the dangerous streets.