Photo Reflection

One year in highschool I decided to take a photography class. There we learned how to make our on camera, how to enlarge a photo from a film strip, and we also learned the history behind what all photography was about. There was a lot to this photography, though I never really took being a photographer serious. I do believe that I know how to take a good photo but I’m sure there’s more to it than the three thirds rule.

When taking photos I consider the three thirds rule, lighting, and the mood I’m trying to capture in order to take  good photo. Although, not evey picture I take fall along these lines, some are taken at random. Typically when I’m taking a picture of a person or place, I’m hoping to capture a certain mood that the photo may portray. I believe I’m quite successful in doing so.


After reviewing the resources I see that I can make my photos more appealing by adding texture. Texture in the sense that the photo pops out at the viewer instead of lying flat. Contrast will aid to the different tone in texture.

Word Sign:

Why did I choose a light bulb? I chose a light bulb because I thought it would be best to be expressed in words what would happen when a light lits up. The word it makes is “DING”. I thought that was genius. I took an existing image and edited it by rotating it and flipping it upside down. I also used the three thirds rule to create the image, placing it on three thirds of the image. I used Gimp to edit this image and added specks to distort the image.


Eye Selfie:

This is an image of my eye. Today’s daily create was to take an “eye selfie”. When I look into my baby’s eye I can see my eye. Everyone tells us that we have the same kind of eye shape. As she’s getting I can see that she’s starting to look more like her dad. But she has my eye. I decided to take an image of my eye look down because it was me looking down at my daughter. As if I’m watching over her.


Collaging your day:

This was what my day has been like. I went to school so my friend had to take care of her. I got home to her and I took care of her the rest of the day. I watch her as much as I can and spend time with her as much as I can but it’s hard having to deal with school and maintaining the house. In the morning we both wake up together, well she wakes me up lol. Then i put her in her play pin so she can play as I get ready for the day. Then I put her to sleep. Drive her to the babysisters. When I’m done with school I pick her up, take her home, then feed her. Then I give let her play in her play pin. Give her a short nap..THEN I finally get to eat lol. After all that when she wakes up I let her play then i give her a bath then feed her once she’s out and put her to sleep. That’s just the gist of my day lol.


The Wild Party by Joseph Moncure March

This reading reminded me a little about The Postman Always Rings Twice. There was love, affair, hurt, and cruelty. I figured death was coming to either Queenie or Burr. It so happened that Burr died. I’m not surprised though. The reading seemed fast as if everything happened so quickly. There was definitely a mystery to it. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next after each scene that took place. All I knew was that there will be death. I wasn’t surprised to find that Black shot Burr. I was surprised that the cop rushed in at the end so soon. It made me think that Black got caught. I was hoping Black and Queenie’s relationship would have a happy ending unlike the relationship of Frank and Core in The Postman Always Rings Twice.

Weekly Summary #2

This week was rather challenging I found. It required a vast amount to read upon use of creative work.  All of the readings this week seemed to share a sense of dreadfulness to them. All the readings of this week showed death and hopelessness. As compared to “Dark Knight”, the viewer had hope that a hero could save the day. But in the reading, “The Postman Always Rings Twice”, it was obvious to me that everything that could go wrong will go wrong, and so it did. Nicks death led up to  Cora dying in the car accident which led to Franks execution. The creative work really challenged me to think out of the box. Many a times works now a days are based on other persons thoughts. Which steers away from originality. Doing the daily creates really causes me to base my works on originality in my own thought process.

 Daily Creates!

Collaging your day:
Eye Selfie:

Word Sign:






Rose King was born and raised in texas. She is a small town country singer who performs at local bars around town. She believes in owning a gun because she was once mugged as a young teen. She has lived in poverty all her life and is working on becoming a famous singer one day. She waitresses as her day job. She often travels to Tennessee because that is where her family is originally from. She has long straight brown hair. She wears glasses. She has a mole on her nose. She is very light complected. She is average height.

She is everything anyone would find as “normal” but little do we know she is much more than what meets the eye.

The Killers by Ernest Hemingway

This reading shows  two characters plotting to kill a boxer. Nick, the protagonist tells the boxer about his planned death but is shock to find that the boxer doesn’t care. I feel like there’s hardly any emotion to this story. It’s just dark, weary, and the characters are very content except Nick.  It really blows my mind that the boxer could care less about his death. He must think that it’s his time and there’s nothing no one can do about it.  Nothing came to light in this reading. I felt that there was nothing anyone could do to change the outcome of the story or the way Ole Andreson thought.  The way things were planned out to be was the way they were suppose to be iike Andreson’s death.

The Postman Always Rings Twice

I felt that this reading was rather intriguing. It really caught my attention  when the affair of Frank and Cora became known. I predicted that there wasn’t going to be any good that came about it and there wasn’t. Their relationship was quite troublesome. They killed Nick in order to steal his money then fell out of love for each other once mistrust was bestowed upon them. Even when they found their love in each other again after the night of their swim, there as only a slight “aw” moment of joy. But knowing what they did made me feel disgust and disbelief that these two could love again. I was surprised to find that he was accused of killing Cora. After all of what they had went through it was rather deserving for them to have what happened to them.

Multimodal #1: Story of my life

This is a tiny bit of my life. My names Dalina Beckham. Follow me on twitter and you’ll see how open I am on the web (not much I just have one tweet lol). I’m an individual, different in every way (aren’t we all!). I was born and raised in the great state of Texas. I’m married to a handsome marine and have one beautiful baby girl.  I go to the University of Mary Washington. I’m a computer science major. I love staying active, eating healthy, and traveling. Not sure where I’ll be in the future or what I will do but I certainly know it’ll be somewhere positive.

Alaina Isabella Beckham. 3 week old. trying to crawl.


This video sums up the kind of relationship my husband and I have. He holds me up and helps me out as I live my crazy life on top of him.

I’ve wrestled since my sophomore year in highschool. I attended Missouri Valley College my freshman year on a wrestling scholarship. I left that life behind and moved to Virginia to live my life with my husband.


Favorite song right now